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A message from Cheek by Jowl

01 March 2022
We are shocked and appalled by the invasion of Ukraine and by the events unfolding over the past few days. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and we join our voice in unison with our friends in Russia and with all those calling for peace…
Click here to read the full message

As You Like It documentary from the archive
We unearthed an incredible documentary about our production of As You Like It, which was originally broadcast in 1995 as part of the BBC’s Open University programming…
Click here to read more and watch the documentary

Listen to a brand new bonus mini-series of ‘Not True, But Useful’
13 January 2022
In these special bonus episodes for the cold winter months, Declan shares all-new insights with Lucie Dawkins about theatre, rehearsal processes, and how his ideas about life and acting have shifted over the last four decades.
Click here to catch up on the mini-series on our podcast hub

An anniversary message from Lev Dodin
18 October 2021
To celebrate 40 years of Cheek by Jowl, Lev Dodin, artistic director of the Maly Drama Theatre, St Petersburg, sent the company a personal message, reflecting upon the years of friendship between the artists that have lasted to this day.
Click here to read Lev Dodin’s message in English and Russian

Adrian Lester on As You Like It
11 August 2021
We’re delighted that our 1991-95 production of As You Like It has been featured in the podcast ‘Who Am I This Time?’ with two Cheek by Jowl alumni, David Morrissey and Adrian Lester.
Read more

Ajay Chowdhury and Catrin Griffiths

A warm welcome to our new Trustees
11 August 2021
We’re delighted to announce the appointment of two new trustees to our Board of Directors – Ajay Chowdhury and Catrin Griffiths. 
Find out more about our new Trustees

Third series a charm…
21 May 2021
Series 3 of ‘Not True But Useful’ is on its way! The new series will see Declan, Nick and Lucie returning to their mics to share personal insights into acting, directing, and plays, but above all, to build a bridge between these processes and life as we live it now.
Catch up on Series 1 & 2 here.

Modellino de “la tragedia del vendicatore”. Allestimento del Piccolo Teatro di MIlano. Foto di © Masiar Pasquali

Designing Cheek by Jowl
15 May 2021
Over the past forty years, Nick Ormerod has designed the sets and costumes of our shows alongside Declan Donnellan. Discover Nick’s design process in his own words…
Read more here

Not True, But Useful…
Series 1 Transcripts – Edited Versions

7 January 2021
Following the release of our podcast ‘Not True, But Useful…’ in 2020, we decided to create an edited version of the transcripts that would stand alone as a written educational resource, accessible for free and available in several languages.
Read the Edited Transcripts here

Production photo 2020
Photograph: Masiar Pasquali © Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa

A holiday message
18 December 2020
Thank you for being with us this year. Whether you have followed us, shared with us, dreamt with us, watched, listened, or supported…
Read more here

Series 2 of ‘Not True, But Useful’ is on its way!
12 November 2020
We’re delighted to announce the second series of our podcast ‘Not True, But Useful…’
Read more here

New series, new-look website
12 November 2020
Take a look at our website’s new podcast home, where you can catch up on Series 1, read more about the scenes discussed within each episode and view photos, rehearsal notes, costume and set designs.
Click here for the new podcast pages

The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Credit: Andrey Parfyonov
The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Credit: Andrey Parfyonov

The Knight of the Burning Pestle in Russia
1 November 2020
The Knight of the Burning Pestle returned to the Russian stage in September, with performances in Moscow, Voronezh and Samara. Take a look at these new production photos taken during its performances in Voronezh.
View the gallery here

Marouane Zotti and Ruggero Franceschini at the Barbican ahead of The Revenger’s Tragedy, March 2020

The Revengers: Backstage at the Barbican
31 July 2020
Missing the theatre? Join the creatives of The Revenger’s Tragedy behind the scenes at the Barbican, in this new video created by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano to mark the performances in March 2020.
In Italian with English subtitles available
Watch the video here

Rehearsal photo
Declan Donnellan. Photograph: Johan Persson.

Dear Class of 2020…
23 July 2020
‘We have never needed you so badly.’
Declan was invited by Nick Hern Books to contribute a message to the Drama Graduating Class of 2020.
Read his message and the rest of the collection at the NHB blog.

It’s a wrap for this series of the Cheek by Jowl podcast
30 July 2020
The first series of our podcast ‘Not True, But Useful’ is all done and dusted, and we had a blast recording it.
We hope that artists, teachers, actors, directors and everybody longing for the theatre have found it useful (if not true…)
Listen to all ten episodes here.

Production photo
Macbeth. Photograph: Johan Persson.

Declan’s Tagliatelle
5 May 2020
In The Actor And The Target we found a possible tool to help the actor escape from block. It contained some choices, rules and steps to…
Read it here in English and Italian

Production photo
Measure for Measure. Photograph: Johan Persson.

Chairs’ Letter: Please Help the Arts Survive
24 June 2020
The performing arts are battling for survival at a time when theatre matters more than ever. We urge readers to lobby the Government and MPs and join our fight for the survival of UK theatre.
Read the full letter

Production photo
The Tempest. Photograph: Johan Persson.

Donnellan sobre Shakespeare
16 July 2020
Get your hands on this new Spanish book by journalist Arantxa Vela Buendía, bringing together ten years of interviews with Declan Donnellan…
Click here for more information

Production photo
As You Like It. Photograph: John Haynes

Spotlight on: Cheek by Jowl’s Shakespeare productions
Shakespeare has always been at the core of Cheek by Jowl’s repertoire. Here is a look back at all our Shakespeare productions to date.
Click here for our spotlight

Declan’s Shakespeare brick
30 April 2020
“This is my Shakespeare brick…
Some years ago were uncovered the original foundations of “The Theatre”, which was The Lord Chamberlain’s Men’s first venue…”
Read Declan’s story here

Tune into our podcast!
24 April 2020
Join Artistic Directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod in ‘Not True, But Useful…’ a podcast series all about theatre, acting, directing, and life.
Click here to listen

Production photo
The Winter’s Tale. Photograph: Johan Persson

Live Captures
23 April 2020
The live captures of The Winter’s Tale and Measure for Measure were made available to the public until 25 May 2020.
You can still access the full shows by signing up for our Education Pack

The Knight of the Burning Pestle…
at home!
7 April 2020
A lockdown won’t stop our actors… The Knight of the Burning Pestle cast will do their finale dance at home instead!
мы скоро вернемся!
Click here to watch

A message from Declan and Nick
27 March 2020
“Today is World Theatre Day.
Happy theatre day fellow theatre workers! Many of us feel suspended in a long dropped cue…”
Read it here in several languages

Production photo
Measure for Measure. Photograph: Johan Persson.

‘What’s in a name?’
10 April 2020
The name ‘Cheek by Jowl’ was born one night in 1981 in desperation…
Nick was doodling with ideas… We wanted something that suggested “closeness”…
Read it here

The Revenger’s Tragedy, Photograph: Björgvin Sigurðarson

Intern blog – Orla
9 April 2020
“My experience working with Cheek by Jowl has truly exceeded my expectations. Looking back over the past three months, I feel…”
Read it here

Production photo
The Revenger’s Tragedy, Photograph: Masiar Pasquali

“Every evening I go on stage with Vindice I experiment my failure.”
5 March 2020
A blog piece written by Fausto Cabra, who plays Vindice in The Revenger’s Tragedy.
Read it here

Production photo
Three Sisters. Photographer: Mikhail Guterman

Spotlight on:
Cheek by Jowl’s Russian productions
Twenty years on from our first Moscow shows, here is a look back at our Russian-language shows to date…
Click here for our spotlight

Production photo
The Winter’s Tale. Photograph: Johan Persson

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