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Cheek by Jowl is the international theatre company of Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod. Performing across the world since 1981, it produces classical and modern works in English, Italian, French and Russian.


Modellino de “la tragedia del vendicatore”. Allestimento del Piccolo Teatro di MIlano. Foto di © Masiar Pasquali

Designing Cheek by Jowl
Over the past forty years, Nick Ormerod has designed the sets and costumes of our shows alongside Declan Donnellan.
Discover Nick’s design process in his words below…
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The podcast is back for Series 3!
Series 3 will see Declan, Nick and Lucie returning to their mics to share personal insights into acting, directing and plays, but above all, to build a bridge between these processes and life as we live it now.
Visit our podcast hub

Edited Transcripts
Following the release of our podcast in 2020, we decided to create an edited version of the transcripts in several languages that would stand alone as a written educational resource.
Register to read the Transcripts in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

“Theatre cannot die before the last dream has been dreamt”

Declan Donnellan, The Actor and the Target

“Whatever Cheek by Jowl does next constitutes a major happening”

The Guardian


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