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The Actor and the Target

Declan Donnellan’s fresh and radical approach to acting

Originally published in Russian, The Actor and the Target has been translated into 14 languages.

“The Actor and the Target comes from the heart of his own experience. Fear, generalising and other actor’s blocks are dismembered lethally and with infectious relish.” Alan Rickman

“Brilliantly direct, the ‘target’ equips the actor with keys to unlock the fears and flab of acting. Declan’s insightful voice guides us to the heart of the process; exhilarating to read and more importantly to put into practice.” Joseph Fiennes

“Cuts open every generalisation about acting and draws out gleamingly fresh specifics.” Peter Brook

The Actor and the Target Around the World
Book cover


Актер и Мишень (Aktyor y Michen)
Publisher: MKTS Publishing House Moscow

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The Actor and the Target
ISBN: 9781854598387
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
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Aктьорът и мишената (actort I mishenata)
2008 (1st edition)
Translated by Корнелия Славова (Cornelia Slavova)
ISBN: 9789549928297
Publisher: Валентин Траянов (Valentin Trayanov)

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Chinese (Mandarin)

The Actor and the Target
Publisher: Taipei National University of the Arts, School of Theatre Arts
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Herec a jeho cíl
Translated by Julek Neumann
ISBN: 978-80-903842-1-7
Publisher: Brkola
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Skuespilleren Og Gnisten
Translated by Gerd and Jon Lange
ISBN: 2013: 978-8778657831
2010: 8778657830
Publisher: DATS (Sansk Amator Teater og Scenekunst) – Forlaget DRAMA
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Book cover


L’acteur et la cible (Règles Et Outils Pour Le Jeu)
Translated by Valérie Latour-Burney
ISBN: 2-912877-35-0
Publisher: L’Entretemps
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Book cover


Der Schauspieler und das Ziel
Translated by Sabine Herken
ISBN: 978-3-89581-189-0
Publisher: Alexander Verlag Berlin
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Színész és célpont
Translated by Koltai M. Gábor
ISBN: 9789631367263
Publisher: Corvina Kiadó
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Book cover


L’attore e il bersaglio
ISBN: 9788875270247
Publisher: Dino Audino
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배우와 목표점
2012 (2nd ed. Revised)
Translated by 허순자, 지민주 [공]옮김 – Huh, Soon-Ja and Min-Ju Choi
ISBN: 9788957864135
Publisher: 연극과인간? (Theatre and Human)
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Book cover


Актерот и целта (acterot I celta)
Translated by Горан Додевски & Дарко Јан Спасов (Goran Dodevski and Darko Jan Spasov)
Publisher: Polatski (Полатски)
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Book cover


Actor I Cel
Translated by Iga Noszczyk, Jadwiga Murczyńska
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Book cover


El actor y la diana
2018 / 2015
Translated by Ignacio García May
ISBN: 9788424510312
Publisher: Fundamentos
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Book cover


Actorul și țintă
Translated by Saviana Stanescu and Ioana Ieronim
ISBN: 973-8129-26-5
Publisher: UNITEXT
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Other Publications

Donnellan sobre Shakespeare
By Arantxa Vela Buendía, Declan Donnellan
Bolchiro, Spain, 2020. ISBN 9788416503087
More information

Shakespeare in the Theatre: Cheek by Jowl
By Peter Kirwan
Bloomsbury, London, 2019. ISBN 9781474223317
More information

Russians in Britain
Edited by Jonathan Pitches
Routledge, Abingdon, 2012, ISBN 9780415591003

Fifty Key Theatre Directors
Edited by Shomit Mitter and Maria Shevtsova
Routledge, Abingdon, 2005, ISBN 041518732X

Directors/Directing: Conversations on Theatre
By Maria Shevtsova and Christopher Innes
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2009, ISBN 9780521731669

Contemporary European Theatre Directors
Edited by Maria M. Delgado and Dan Rebellato
Routledge, Abingdon, 2010, ISBN13 9780415462518

An Actor’s Work
Konstantin Stanislavski, translated by Jean Benedetti,
Introduction by Declan Donnellan
Routledge, Abingdon, 2008, ISBN13 9780415422239

Approaching the Millennium: Essays on Angels in America
Eds. Deborah R. Geis and Steven F. Kruger
University of Michigan Press, Michigan, 1997. ISBN 0472096230

Directing the Stage
By Polly Irvin
RotoVision, Hove, 2003. ISBN 288046661X

In Contact With the Gods? Directors Talk Theatre
Eds. Maria M. Delgado & Paul Heritage
Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1996. ISBN 0-7190-4763-3

On Directing
Eds. Mary Luckhurst and Gabriella Giannachi
Faber, London 1999. ISBN 0571191495

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