Rehearsal photo
Photograph: Manuel Harlan

“The quality of the workshops was really excellent. It was fantastic to see so many of the students really engaging with a Shakespearean text and just allowing themselves to have a bit of fun with it.”

Teacher, St Albans

Cheek by Jowl runs workshops for English or Drama students (16+) and workshops for teachers in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our practitioners bring the manner and energy of the Cheek by Jowl rehearsal room to the classroom as tools to approach Shakespeare and classic texts in a dynamic way.

Through games, exercises, discussions and activities, they explore key elements of Cheek by Jowl practice: text, verse, plot, movement, scene work, études, acting techniques, rehearsal exercises, character motivation, using ‘the space’, language in performance.

Our practitioners are Cheek by Jowl company members passionate about sharing the company’s approach to acting. They know how to adapt to different groups or interests and can cover specific topics, as needed and discussed. These workshops are ideal for:

  • English/Drama teachers.
  • Students studying Acting.
  • University theatre groups/drama societies.
  • A-Level and BTEC classes.

Please get in touch via the workshops enquiry form to discuss your needs in more detail, and we will provide you with a quote and additional information.

Professional Development

Production photo
Photograph: Manuel Harlan

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops share the Cheek by Jowl approach to language, space and rehearsal as a practical tool kit for teachers. These workshops are recommended for:

  • GCSE Drama or English teachers
  • BTEC Performing Arts teachers
  • AS/A-Level Drama or English teachers
  • Acting/Performing Arts lecturer

Our teachers’ workshops build on the participants’ tools, resources and practice as English or Drama teachers, lecturers or tutors by sharing the exercises, activities and stakes at the heart of Cheek by Jowl’s rehearsal process and approach to performance to enhance or refresh their teaching as part of their Continued Professional Development.

English or Drama students (16+)

Production photo
Photograph: Johan Persson

Our workshops for English or Drama classes are designed to enhance participants’ confidence and understanding of key plays in performance through a dynamic journey into the Cheek by Jowl’s rehearsal room. These workshops are recommended for:

  • BTEC Performing Arts classes
  • AS/A-Level Drama or English classes
  • Acting/Performing Arts groups

A typical workshop lasts two hours and is led by one practitioner for a maximum of 16 students. It would cost £320 + expenses + VAT. These workshops are structured in a flexible way, progressing naturally through activities, exercises and group discussions to enhance the participants’ confidence in approaching text and performance in a hands-on and dynamic way.

Shakespeare Unlocked

Rehearsal photo
Photograph: Johan Persson

Our Shakespeare Unlocked workshops were free workshops which were delivered thanks to a grant from The Rothschild Foundation in 2017.

They aimed to enhance GCSE and AS/A Level Drama students’ understanding of how Cheek by Jowl as a 21st Century theatre practitioner approaches Shakespearean texts as well as develop students’ own skills as performers, designers, and directors.

If your organisation, foundation or charity can support us in delivering more educational opportunities like Shakespeare Unlocked, do get in touch.

If you would like to hear about free workshops and keep up to date with our education offer, do join our education newsletter.

“Cheek by Jowl rejuvenated my excitement around student performance of Shakespeare and I took away strategies to practically use while planning lessons.”

Teacher, London

“It had a huge effect. Today I have been marking papers, and the confidence they approached this with has just been phenomenal.”

Newcastle Sixth Form College,

“Students who weren’t very outgoing were confident to take part and enjoyed it. I’d love our students to work with Cheek by Jowl again. The workshop was a bonding experience for the group, and they learnt a lot.”

Teacher, Oxford
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