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Not True, But Useful…
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Series Two

Series 2, Episode 2
Tis Pity She’s A Whore

Tis Pity She’s a Whore is a vivid and violent Jacobean tragedy about a brother and sister’s passionate descent into hell. It is also the first production Declan and Nick ever worked on together…

Series 2, Episode 1
The Winter’s Tale

Declan and Nick discuss Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, a play in which unity of time, place and action are hurled aside as we range across Europe…

Series One

Series 1, Episode 10

Like the delicious Italian meal made from the remainders of other pasta, in this episode we have assembled the tastiest bonus offcuts from the interviews for Season One…

Series 1, Episode 9
Character and Process

In this episode, Declan Donnellan talks about motive, and ways of examining why people in real life and characters in plays do what they do…

Series 1, Episode 8
Encountering the Predicament

Declan and Nick talk about the predicament of being a human, and how that helps us to think about plays. They consider cats, Breaking Bad, Shakespeare, Beckett, cheese trolleys on the Titanic…

Series 1, Episode 7
Design Deep Dive

Co-Artistic Director Nick Ormerod joins Lucie to dive into the world of theatre design, discussing how design can be informed by the space and the actors…

Series 1, Episode 6
Why We Do What We Do

In this episode, Declan Donnellan talks about motive, and ways of examining why people in real life and characters in plays do what they do. He talks about dread as a motor …

Series 1, Episode 5
Words Grown False

Declan and Nick talk about how words can behave treacherously, and explore what this means with staging the great plays. With Fawlty Towers, detective novels, Three Sisters, Othello all in the mix…

Series 1, Episode 4
Scenes and Sandcastles

In this episode, Declan and Nick discuss an important idea in their work: ‘Thresholds’. They share with us lessons they have learned about the theatre from holidays in Margate, King Kong, and newborn babies…

Series 1, Episode 3
Into the Woods

In this episode, Declan and Nick talk about the history of their collaboration, and the way they work together as director and designer. They map 40 years of a shared creative life…

Series 1, Episode 2
Space and Shakespeare

What do lobsters, Shakespeare, the room next door, and our lockdown all have in common? They all have something to tell us about space and the theatre…

Series 1, Episode 1
Thoughts from Inside Quarantine

In this first episode, Cheek by Jowl’s Artistic Director Declan Donnellan talks to Lucie Dawkins about his thoughts on life, quarantine, making theatre, the brain and Macbeth…

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