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Written by William Shakespeare
Performed in English

“Pericles has got incest, kings, two shipwrecks, knights, a resurrection, a burial at sea, a tournament, brothels, divine apparitions, ancient Greek goddesses, and a sense of spirituality that overtakes the play. It’s an extraordinary anarchic, big, spilling piece but there’s a strange sort of unity underneath it all.

It’s fantastically, textually inconsistent in so far as parts of it are satire, parts are humour, parts are terrifying, parts of it are noble and uplifting.”
– Declan Donnellan, Cheek by Jowl Artistic Director on Pericles

Produced by Cheek by Jowl. The first performance of  Pericles was on 1st February 1984 at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, UK. 

“The sheer essence of theatre”

Cast and creative team


Simon DormandyAntiochus / 2nd Fisherman /
3rd Knight / Philemon /
Leonine / Lysimachus
Amanda HarrisAntiochus’ Daughter / 3rd Fisherman /
2nd Knight / Marina
Andrew CollinsPericles / 1st Pirate /
1st Gentleman
Martin TurnerHelicanus / Simonides / 2nd Sailor /
3rd Pirate / Pander / 2nd Gentleman
Duncan BellCleon / 1st Fisherman / 1st Knight /
1st Sailor / Cerimon /
2nd Pirate / Boult
Sadie ShimminDionyza / Thaisa
Dierdre EdwardsLychorida / Ephesian Lady /
Bawd / Goddess Diana

Creative Team

DirectorDeclan Donnellan
DesignerNick Ormerod
MusicJames Antony Ellis
ChoreographySara von Beers
Company Stage ManagerNick Kidd
CostumesCharlotte Humpston
Company MovementIlan Reichel
Company VoiceCharmain Hoare
Previous performances

Previous Performances

Date (first performance)LocationNo. of performances
14 January 1985London, Donmar Warehouse, UK7
4 December 1984Norwich, Arts Centre, UK2
29 November 1984Rugby, Macready Theatre, UK1
28 November 1984Kidderminster, College of FE, UK1
23 November 1984Gutersloh, Theater Der Stadt, Germany1
22 November 1984Cologne, British Council Centre, Germany1
20 November 1984Erlangen, Theater in Der Garage, Germany1
13 November 1984Munich, Alabama–Halle, Germany2
9 November 1984Ludwigshafen, Theater Im Pfalbau, Germany1
7 November 1984Cologne, British Council Centre, UK1
1 November 1984Stamford, Arts Centre, UK1
27 October 1984Frome, Merlin Theatre, UK1
25 October 1984Grimsby, Caxton Theatre, UK1
23 October 1984Barton Upon Humberside, Baysgarth School, UK1
22 October 1984Lincolnshire, Monks Dyke School, UK1
12 October 1984Epsom, Playhouse, UK1
2 October 1984Coleraine, Riverside Theatre, UK3
27 September 1984Ellesmere, Arts Centre, UK1
26 September 1984Burton Upon Trent, Technical College, UK1
25 September 1984Kidderminster, Rose Theatre, UK1
21 September 1984Portsmouth, Drama Centre, UK1
20 September 1984Fareham, Drama Centre, UK1
12 September 1984Madrid, Teatro Lara, Spain3
11 September 1984Valladolid, Sala ‘A’, Spain1
9 September 1984Almagro, Corral De Comdidas, Spain1
6 September 1984Tunbridge Wells, Trinity Arts Centre, UK1
3 September 1984Croyden, Warehouse, UK3
11 June 1984Jerusalem, Khan Theatre, Israel3
22 May 1984Hemel Hempstead, Old Town Hall, UK1
18 May 1984Canterbury, Gulbenkian Theatre, UK1
17 May 1984Aldershot, West End Centre, UK1
8 May 1984Hereford, Nell Gwynne Theatre,, UK1
4 May 1984Tolworth, Community Centre, UK1
11 April 1984Fareham, Drama Centre, UK2
30 March 1984Basingstoke, Central Studio, UK1
20 March 1984King’s Lynn, Fermoy Centre, UK2
15 March 1984Southport, Arts Centre, UK2
14 March 1984Bacup, Fearns School, UK1
2 March 1984Irvine, Harbour Arts Centre, UK1
23 February 1984Plymouth, The Drum, UK1
10 February 1984Bracknell, Wilde Theatre, UK2
1 February 1984Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal, UK4
7 January 1985London, Donmar Warehouse, UK7
4 December 1984Norwich, Arts Centre, UK1
22 November 1984Cologne, British Council Centre, Germany1
14 November 1984Munich, Alabama–Halle, Germany6
11 November 1984Erlangan, Theatre in der Garage, Germany1
7 November 1984Cologne, British Council, Germany1
5 November 1984Dusseldorf, Schauspielhaus, Germany1
1 November 1984Stamford, Arts Centre, UK1
15 October 1984Guildford, University of Surrey, UK1
9 October 1984Pendley, Arts Centre, UK1
23 August 1984Glasgow, Tron Theatre, UK2
11 June 1984Haifa, Beit Adu Hushi, Israel3
9 June 1984Jerusalem, Gerard Behar Centre, Israel4
2 June 1984Billericay, Arts Centre, UK1
25 May 1984Warminster, Arts Centre, UK1
18 May 1984Canterbury, Gulbenkian Theatre, UK2
12 May 1984Wallingford, Corn Exchange, UK2
8 May 1984Hereford, Nell Gwynne Theatre, UK2
30 April 1984Winchester, College, UK1
28 April 1984Aversham, Robin Hood Theatre, UK1
26 April 1984Milton Keynes, Stantonbury Theatre, UK2
28 March 1984Washington, Arts Centre, UK1
22 March 1984Bangor, Theatr Gwynedd, UK3
19 March 1984High Wycombe, Town Hall, UK1
16 March 1984Southport, Arts Centre, UK1
13 March 1984Accrington, Town Hall, UK1
12 March 1984Langholm, The Academy, UK1
10 March 1984Biggar, Arts Centre, UK1
9 March 1984Stranraer, Academy, UK1
8 March 1984Gatehouse, Primary School, UK1
7 March 1984Thornhill, Wallace Hall Academy, UK1
2 March 1984Irvine, Harbour Arts Centre, UK1
1 March 1984Aberdeen, Arts Centre, UK1
29 February 1984Durham, Dunelm House, UK1
26 February 1984Chertsey, The Hall, UK1
23 February 1984Plymouth, The Drum, UK3
18 February 1984Maidstone, Hazlitt Theatre, UK1
17 February 1984Broadstairs, Hilderstone Arts Centre, UK1
15 February 1984Tunbridge Wells, Trinity Arts Centre, UK1
14 February 1984Eastbourne, Tivoli Arts Centre, UK1
9 February 1984Bracknell, Wilde Theatre, UK1
7 February 1984Runcorn, Castlefields Centre, UK2
6 February 1984Ormskirk, Civic Hall, UK1
1 February 1984Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal, UK4
26 January 1984Epsom, Playhouse, UK3
13 January 1984Luton, Library Theatre, UK2
17 December 1983Aylesbury, Limelight Theatre, UK1
16 December 1983Windsor, Arts Centre, UK1
15 December 1983Aldershot, West End Centre, UK1
12 December 1983Scunthorpe, Civic Theatre, UK2
8 December 1983Gt Yarmouth, St Georges, UK1
6 December 1983Basildon, Towngate Studio, UK2
3 December 1983Tamworth, Arts Centre, UK1
2 December 1983Rugby, Macready Theatre, UK1
1 December 1983Halesowen, Leasowes School, UK1
30 November 1983Kidderminster, College of FE, UK1
29 November 1983Evesham, Arts Centre, UK1
28 November 1983Stoke on Trent, Arts Project, UK1
26 November 1983Shropshire, Ellesmere Arts Centre, UK1
25 November 1983Burton upon Trent, Bass Museum, UK1
24 November 1983Hereford, Cathedral School, UK1
23 November 1983Shrewsbury, 6th Form College, UK1
22 November 1983Stafford, Gatehouse Theatre, UK1
21 November 1983Bridnorth, Theatre on the Steps, UK1
19 November 1983Skegness, Arcadia Centre, UK1
18 November 1983Louth, Cordeaux High School, UK1
17 November 1983Gainsborough, Queen Elizabeth HS, UK1
16 November 1983Humberside, Baysgarth Drama School, UK1
15 November 1983Grimsby, Whitgift Theatre, UK1
14 November 1983Withernsea, High School, UK1
11 November 1983Leicester, Pheonix Arts Centre, UK3
8 November 1983King’s Lynn, Fermoy Centre, UK2
4 November 1983Hemel Hempstead, Old Town Hall, UK2
3 November 1983Banbury, Spiceball Arts Centre, UK1
2 November 1983Basingstoke, Central Studio, UK1
31 October 1983Stevenage, Gordon Craig Theatre, UK2
28 October 1983Sudbury, Quay Theatre, UK2
25 October 1983Colchester, St Mary’s Arts Centre, UK2
25 October 1983Colchester, University Theatre, UK2
24 October 1983Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal, UK1
21 October 1983Boston, Blackfriars Arts Centre, UK2
19 October 1983Chipping Norton, The Theatre, UK2
13 October 1983Coleraine, Riverside Theatre, UK3
12 October 1983Omagh, Town Hall, UK1
11 October 1983Armagh, Technical College, Ireland1
8 October 1983Frome, Merlin Theatre, UK1
7 October 1983Dartingdon, Arts Centre, UK1
6 October 1983Torrington, The Plough, UK1
5 October 1983St Austell, Arts Centre, UK1
4 October 1983Bridgewater, Arts Centre, UK1
30 September 1983Whitehaven, Rosehill Theatre, UK2
28 September 1983Ambleside, CharlotteMasonCollege, UK1
27 September 1983Barrow, 6thFormCollege, UK1
23 September 1983Uppingham, Theatre, UK2
21 September 1983Fareham, Drama Centre, UK2
16 September 1983Oundle, Stahl Theatre, UK2
13 September 1983Sutton, Secombe Theatre, UK2
18 August 1983Edinburgh, Bedlam, UK14
10 August 1983London, Clockhouse Community Centre, UK1
Awards and reviews


Olivier Award – Most Promising Newcomer of the Year in Theatre

1985 – Cheek by Jowl for Andromache, Pericles and Vanity Fair at the Donmar Warehouse


“At the end, with a great shout of jubilation, the actors call the public to celebrate new joy for indeed the entire performance has been a joint and joyous act – the sheer essence of theatre.”


“I can’t think of a better introduction to Shakespeare than Cheek by Jowl’s Pericles. It has all the virtues of simplicity and economy without forfeiting any of the play’s intrinsic richness. This is proof positive that Shakespeare, used with imagination and good nature, can still touch the heart strings. “

City Limits

“One of the most lucid Pericles ever performed.”

The Observer
Production photo
Photograph: Peter Mares
Production photo
Photograph: Peter Mares

“One of the most lucid Pericles ever performed.”

The Observer

Murder’s as near to lust as flame to smoke

Act I, scene i

Unearned suffering is redemptive

Martin Luther King

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