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Measure for Measure
Education pack

Free education pack including the full-length film of the production, activities, insights and analysis for teachers and students

This pack includes


Full Length Film
Access to the full-length video recording of Cheek by Jowl’s 2015 production of Measure for Measure (professionally filmed with multiple cameras) in Russian with English subtitles.


Integrated Education Pack
This ready-to-use pack for teachers and students consists of a dedicated education pack featuring essays, interviews and classroom or homework exercises. The PDF is integrated with the recording of the production, so there is instant access to relevant scenes of the play at the click of a mouse.

Made available for free for educational purposes, it is a unique opportunity to access a contemporary production of Shakespeare’s ‘problem play’.


The pack is recommended for English, Drama or Russian-language teachers, tutors and lecturers; GCSE, BTEC, A-Level and university students; academics, scholars and researchers.

Look inside

Note: While the production has been given 16+ guidance rating by UK theatres, we believe teachers can use their discretion and decide whether to show the production in its entirety to younger students or withhold certain scenes.

“Thank you so much! I will love watching this and so will my students!”

Feedback for the Measure for Measure Live Capture

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