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An interview with Pia Lanciotti

WARNING: This interview contains spoilers.

Ahead of our 2020 performances in Milan, London, Madrid and Paris, Pia Lanciotti, who plays The Duchess/Gratiana in The Revenger’s Tragedy answered our quickfire questions.

Tell us about your character
Two women, two mothers, opposing social situations. Without the awareness of their own power. Scandalous figures who, through their actions, violate common morals. In the end both are, in some way, pardoned.

Your favourite moments of rehearsing or performing the play.
When Declan told stories, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, and transformed imagination itself.
When external and internal conflicts raged. 
Nick’s calm presence, observing and creating from the shadows.

Your favourite stories from rehearsing the show?
The day when I didn’t turn up for rehearsals because I wasn’t feeling well, and a few hours later one of my fellow actors sent me a photo he had just taken from the rehearsal room with Cate Blanchett who, out of the blue, had decided to pop by to see Declan and Nick. She’s my favourite actress!

 What is your favourite moment in the play? 
The final dance.

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