Measure for Measure Integrated Education Pack & Livestream

This free package consists of the full recorded play (filmed professionally with four cameras) accessible via a private link from our YouTube channel — with subtitles in English, as well as a dedicated 27 page education pack featuring essays, interviews and classroom or homework exercises. The pack (in PDF format) is integrated with the recording of the production, so students have instant access to relevant scenes and moments in the play at the click of a mouse. A brief guidance summary is also included for teachers.

If you are interested in receiving the Measure for Measure Integrated Education Pack & Livestream, please fill in this online form and we will get in touch shortly.

Note: While the production has been given 16+ guidance rating by UK theatres, we believe teachers can use their discretion and decide whether to show the production in its entirety to younger students or withhold certain scenes.

The pack contains:

  • Interviews with the cast and directors
  • Character analysis
  • Design analysis
  • Scene analysis
  • Modern relevance of Measure for Measure
  • Contextual essays by leading academics
  • Exercises and activities
  • History of Measure for Measure and notes on the first performance
  • Background on Cheek by Jowl
  • External links and further reading
Measure for Measure
Photography: Johan Persson

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