The Actor and the Target
The Actor and the Target

Published in English by Nick Hern Books
London, 2002, (revised edition 2005) 272 pp.
ISBN 1-85459-127-4

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The Actor and the Target comes from the heart of his own experience. Fear, generalising and other actor's blocks are dismembered lethally and with infectious relish.Alan Rickman
Brilliantly direct, the 'target' equips the actor with keys to unlock the fears and flab of acting. Declan's insightful voice guides us to the heart of the process; exhilarating to read and more importantly to put into practice.Joseph Fiennes
Cuts open every generalisation about acting and draws out gleamingly fresh specifics.Peter Brook

Originally published in Russian, The Actor and the Target has been translated into several languages; click on your chosen language for more details:

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